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A drum roll please... for the brand new TransTig 170/210! A total innovation in the field of TIG welding, which we can present to you in this current issue. In addition, we are introducing the next generation of TIG welding torches – modular and adapted to your welding tasks.
You can also read about the TPS/i Trial License: what scope of functions do you need from the TPS/i for your welding tasks? Find out with the Trial License.

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Hot topic: TransTig 170/210
Fronius is delivering a new product in the field of TIG welding: the TransTig 170/210. Weighing just 10 kilograms, the welding system is easy to use and offers a wide range of functions that ensure high quality. Whether in plant and container construction, pipeline construction, or for assembly and maintenance, the new TransTig 170/210 offers users a whole range of benefits, especially in mobile applications.
More about TransTig 170/210
What should a TIG device have?
Which functions are absolutely indispensable for a portable TIG welding system? Introducing the five must-haves! From high-frequency ignition to the lowering current. Find out more in our blog post.
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Modular TIG welding torches
Each manual welding task has different requirements. Would it not be helpful to be able to adapt the torch to the task in question? Well thanks to the new TIG welding torches from Fronius, now you can!
View the welding torches
Discover the full power of the TPS/i
Do you not yet know what features of TPS/i you really need? No problem. When you purchase a new device, you will also receive a Trial License along with it. All Welding Packages and options of the TPS/i are now available free of charge for a period of 50 arc hours. This allows you to determine which configuration exactly fits your needs.
Find out more about the TPS/i Trial License
TPS/i customer story: Matisa
The Swiss company for railroad construction machinery is not easily thrown off track. If tracks need to be repaired or renewed, the disruption needs to be kept as small as possible – time is money. When it comes to joining work on their machines, this traditional company relies on premium solutions from Fronius. To find out which versions of the TPS/i are used for this, turn to our magazine article.
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