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You’ve heard of synchronized swimming, but how about synchronized welding? You might be wondering how that works – the perfectly synchronized arcs of the new TPS/i Twin Push system make it possible to carry out tandem welding with the very best results! The main theme of this edition is high performance welding – things are really going to start hotting up!

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Top Topic: TPS/i Twin Push
Long weld seams and thick sheets represent economic challenges when it comes to time and cost efficiency. Our solution: tandem welding with the new TPS/i Twin Push system. The double-wire system uses two TPS/i high performance welding systems to achieve an outstanding deposition rate and incredible welding speed, all the while maintaining optimum weld seam structure. The two perfectly synchronized arcs create a huge weld pool and form the basis of this process.
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What Exactly Is Tandem Welding?
Say hello to the latest milestone in the history of gas metal arc welding: tandem welding! The main focus of this process is achieving perfect welding quality and high productivity. But what exactly are the advantages of the process and where is it used? Find out the answer to this and more in our blog.
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US Welding Pros Visit Austria
A special visit from across the pond: On April 11, Fronius presented their latest product innovations. The event was not just attended by Fronius partners – three welding social media blogger were also present to witness the unveiling of the latest products, and they liked what they saw! Find out more about the event.
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Find Welding Solutions Together
Welding trials are an exclusive service offered by Fronius to help you optimize your welding production. Our welding experts use customer-specific materials and components to carry out test welds, which allow them to determine the optimum process for each application. This has a number of advantages, including increased productivity – customers have a lot to gain by using this service.
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Data Management with WeldCube
No matter whether you run a global enterprise or a small business, WeldCube Premium from Fronius offers a centralized documentation solution that can help you optimize your processes and detect errors as soon as possible by providing immediate feedback from production. This guarantees transparency, safety, and time savings.
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